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Veritas Volume Manager Training in Pune

Technolgy and operating systems require professionals who are well-versed in different management systems. Opting for the Veritas Volume Manager training in Pune is beneficial as this job profile has multiple openings in the job sector. With the completion of this training program you can avail of benefits listed below.

  1. A Veritas Volume Manager provides manageability. The storage management is performed in real-time online. This tends to eliminate any planning of down time. Online storage is managed from a user interface which is intuitive graphical. VxVM can provide management in a consistent manner across HP-UX, Windows NT/2000 and Solaris platforms.
  2. Modifying and measuring the volume layouts while the storage is online the 1/0 throughput tends to be maximized. With the use of tools of the VxVM Bottlenecks of performance can be easily located and eliminated.
  3. The storage integrity can be maintained by mirroring across all the write operations. In case of any hardware failure, the storage tends to remain available due to the RAID techniques. The hot relocation is able to maintain the redundancy of the data as this tends to protest against disk failures. The time for recovery is minimized with the synchronization of logging and the background mirror.
  4. With this training the storage can be deported easily to platforms which are larger and the storage devices can also be spanned. The VxVm has total integration with the VERITAS File system.
  5. VxVM can overcome any restrictions which are imposed by the hardware disk, LUN’s and devices.

With the many benefits of the VxVM your organizations tends to lose less of time in downtime and other problems related to storage. Opting for this Veritas Volume Manager Training in Pune can work in the positive for any organization which depends on the IT infrastructure for their success.

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