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Veritas Cluster Service Training in Pune

If you are on the lookout for Veritas Cluster Service Training in Pune then GoalsInfoCloud Technologies provides this intensive course at a very affordable price range. Red Hat High Availability Add-On, storage management, technology related to shared storage and more is delivered during the training sessions. Joining this course at this institute is indeed a smart decision. Training methods offered by GoalsInfoCloud Technologies are most convenient for students be it on-site training, online training, virtual training or classroom training. Those interested in the course can get an overview at the website at just a button’s click.

Lab based activities are strongly emphasized in the course for senior Linux system administrators. During the course, candidates are taught ways of managing and deploying shared server and storage clusters so as to ensure provision of highly available network services to any enterprise environment that is mission-critical. This is an important and helpful course for preparing for the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in High Availability Clustering examination. Students are taught in detail about configuring and installing high availability cluster that is Pacemaker-based, methods of managing and creating highly available services, methods of troubleshooting common issues related to cluster, configuration of GFS2 file systems, configuring multi-pathing and working with shared storage.

Becoming an expert in Red Hat Clustering & Storage Management only gets easier once you join this course at GoalsInfoCloud Technologies. Instructors are highly experienced and certified in this field of training. Students can approach them almost anytime and they offer fullest cooperation, guidance and help. Improving technical skills with online Veritas Cluster Service Training in Pune is so easy, convenient and affordable. Unlimited access to the course content, instructors, information etc related to the course makes is the best way to attain certification in Red Hat Clustering and Storage Management at this reputed institute.

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