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VCS Training Classes Institute for your career

Veritas Cluster Server (VCS)  certification Training Classes Institute for your career in Pune, Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. The Veritas Cluster Server or VCS is high-availability cluster software which is created by Veritas Technologies. This software is especially designed for Unix, Linux, and Microsoft Windows computer system. The software provides application cluster capabilities to the system running other applications along with network file sharing, electronic commerce websites, database, etc.

What are the benefits of VCS?

Veritas Cluster Server provides following benefits:

  • It maximizes the uptime of applications, database, and servers
  • It minimizes planned or unplanned downtime
  • It facilitates the consolidation and the fail over of servers
  • With VCS it becomes easy to manage a wide range of applications in heterogeneous environments effectively
  • VCS support for a wide range of applications including SAP, Oracle applications, Siebel, etc.
  • It serves a single solution for any architecture

VCS cluster software is designed for Unix, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. It is thus, becomes vital for IT fellow to take VCS training. It is necessary for the IT people to gather very good knowledge regarding implementation of VCS by taking VCS training from reputed institutes. VCS related cheatsheet you can find on this link.

Description about Veritas Cluster Server course

The Veritas Cluster Server Training in Pune delivers the best training on VCS. Here, you will learn with hands-on practice, in-class seminars, training and certification from the world’s top trainers.

VCS Course Content

The Veritas Cluster Server Training in Pune offers the best course curriculum. The course content includes:

  • Learning high Availability Concepts (clustering concepts, clustering prerequisites, HA application services, High availability references)
  • Learning VCS building blocks such as VCS terminology, Cluster communication, VCS architecture, etc.
  • Learning how to prepare a site for VCS implementation
  • Installing Veritas Cluster Server
  • Configuration VCS files
  • Controlling access to VCS
  • Preparing applications for high availability VCS
  • Online service group configuration
  • Offline configuration
  • VCS communications
  • Preparing NFS for high availability
  • Alternative NFS configurations
  • System and communication faults
  • Troubleshooting VCS

The handson practice and quality training offer quality VCS knowledge. To learn VCS, Join today.

Learn VCS To Manage And Maintain Server Deployment Effectively

Earning a certification in Veritas Cluster Server training is very easy. The VCS Training in Pune provide quality VCS courses. The training focuses on offering core skills to install, configure, administer, maintain and troubleshoot the Veritas Cluster Server.

Who can take the VCS training?

The VCS training is best suitable for the network administrators, system administrators, system integration professionals, system development professionals, system engineers and support personnel working on Veritas deployments.

What are the objectives of VCS training course?

The Veritas Cluster Server training course focuses on:

  • Managing existing high availability services using Veritas Cluster Server
  • Preparation of environment for creating clusters
  • Installing VCS and create a cluster
  • Evaluating environment for its suitability for VCS
  • Implementing and verifying the failover and failback capability for application, network services, and storage
  • Evaluating, determining, configuring, and customizing the service groups and resources for VCS application high availability
  • Configuration and optimization cluster behavior
  • Protecting the data in a shared storage environment
  • Configuration VCS to manage the NFS Share, Oracle database, and other applications
  • Configuration and re-configuration cluster notifications, cluster communications, cluster attributes, data protection and maintenance techniques in VCS environments
  • Implementing the four-bode clusters
  • Managing the service groups and their relationships while explaining triggers
  • Analyzing and troubleshooting communication and system faults that occurs in VCS
  • Implementing alternative network configurations

What are the pre-requisites for attending the VCS training courses?

In order to attain VCS Training in Pune it is necessary for the person possess experience as a system and network administrator working in a UNIX environment. He or she must possess the experience in developing shell or Perl script.

Veritas Cluster Server course is designed for the IT professionals. The course focuses on installing, configuring, and maintaining the VCS clusters. The VCS training courses offer hands-on classes on how to use the VCS for managing the applications in a high availability environment.

Where To Get Dynamic VCS Training In Pune

GoalsInfoCloud Technologies is one of the most dynamic and modern institutes offering VCS Training in Pune. A unique blend of hands-on training and consultancy is provided to students to improve software skills as well as performance in their respective IT jobs. This software training institute provides courses for everyone right from freshers or corporates desirous of making a good career in the IT industry. Students can rest assured that redundant features will not be used in training instead they will be shown methods of unleashing power lying behind the super-suite of software.

Each training session is tailor made to suit needs of students and cover the complete VCS course well. Depending upon needs, students can consider basic VCS training or advanced VCS training and that too at an affordable course fee. Different options including day time classes, fast track classes, weekend classes and online classes are on offer at this reputed institute. Each and every instructor is well certified, well qualified, well mannered, polite, dedicated and offers the best learning experience to students. Course content is as per syllabus and designed in easy to understand language for students to grasp each and every topic covered.

VCS training in Pune helps students to equip themselves with core skills in VCS software. So here is your chance to prove your mettle by joining quality VCS training, qualifying and clearing the VCS certification exam and in the process validate your expertise and knowledge in VCS management, in the most successful way. If you are a professional in software development, network administrator, system administrator, system integration professional, system engineer then this VCS training is best suited for you. Advanced level VCS training is offered at GoalsInfoCloud Technologies and that too at a fee that is affordable for anyone.

VCS Training in Pune

Everyone wants to be successful in whatever they do and these days Information Technology is developing at its fastest pace. Getting training in cloud computing is vital for proper survival in the industry. VCS or Veritas Cluster Server training is of great importance for professionals in the IT industry to maintain and manage deployment of server and that too in the most effective manner. So if you are looking for VCS Training in Pune, the final and best choice for you is GoalsInfoCloud Technologies. Exclusive training is provided during the course duration by well trained instructors.

By using VCS, managing highly available applications becomes an easy process. Besides this, verifying and implementing failback and failover capabilities for network services, storage and applications becomes a manageable task for you. Real Servers are provided to students during the course of VCS training in Pune. Hands-on experience is gained by students due to access to hardware layouts that are pre-configured. Convenient and fast access to lab guides, practical tasks that are real-time oriented and step by step instructions, enable students to complete their course smoothly and in due time.

Ultimate methodology is adopted by well trained and certified professionals while imparting hands-on training. Whatever is learnt on servers can be practiced immediately. Hands-on laboratory facilities, innovative teaching methodologies, real-time equipments etc are all some of the best reasons for students to seek enrollment at GoalsInfoCloud Technologies. Both basic and advanced courses are offered at the most affordable pricing in the industry. Students can find out details from their home, at a button’s click. No need to invest in any software or hardware when IT skills can be learnt best in a safe working environment, online at this reputed institute. No matter where you are located in the world, access your course at just a button’s click.

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