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Learn VCS To Manage And Maintain Server Deployment Effectively

Earning a certification in Veritas Cluster Server training is very easy. The VCS Training in Pune provide quality VCS courses. The training focuses on offering core skills to install, configure, administer, maintain and troubleshoot the Veritas Cluster Server.

Who can take the VCS training?

The VCS training is best suitable for the network administrators, system administrators, system integration professionals, system development professionals, system engineers and support personnel working on Veritas deployments.

What are the objectives of VCS training course?

The Veritas Cluster Server training course focuses on:

  • Managing existing high availability services using Veritas Cluster Server
  • Preparation of environment for creating clusters
  • Installing VCS and create a cluster
  • Evaluating environment for its suitability for VCS
  • Implementing and verifying the failover and failback capability for application, network services, and storage
  • Evaluating, determining, configuring, and customizing the service groups and resources for VCS application high availability
  • Configuration and optimization cluster behavior
  • Protecting the data in a shared storage environment
  • Configuration VCS to manage the NFS Share, Oracle database, and other applications
  • Configuration and re-configuration cluster notifications, cluster communications, cluster attributes, data protection and maintenance techniques in VCS environments
  • Implementing the four-bode clusters
  • Managing the service groups and their relationships while explaining triggers
  • Analyzing and troubleshooting communication and system faults that occurs in VCS
  • Implementing alternative network configurations

What are the pre-requisites for attending the VCS training courses?

In order to attain VCS Training in Pune it is necessary for the person possess experience as a system and network administrator working in a UNIX environment. He or she must possess the experience in developing shell or Perl script.

Veritas Cluster Server course is designed for the IT professionals. The course focuses on installing, configuring, and maintaining the VCS clusters. The VCS training courses offer hands-on classes on how to use the VCS for managing the applications in a high availability environment.

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