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Tableau Training in Pune-Mumbai-Thane-online-classroom-classes. Everything we do is increasingly contributing to huge amounts of data which can be leveraged by organizations to increase their business. Organizations across the world make use of Tableau to analyze this huge amounts of data and derive actionable insights from it. Tableau can help you to create complex and beautiful data visualisations.Tableau is one of the top business intelligence and data visualization tools that is available today. It is being used by most of the Fortune 500 companies in order to derive valuable insights from their data. The best part of Tableau is that there is no need for the people working with the powerful tool to have any sort of technical knowledge or programming skills. Most of the features are self-explanatory and drag-and-drop aspects. Tableau business intelligence and data visualization tool has been placed in the leader’s quadrant for the fifth year in a row in 2017 in the Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms by IT research firm Gartner. Gartner has positioned Tableau as the highest in ability to execute..

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Tableau Training in Pune : Who should attend:

This course is for those who aspire career in Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analysis.
Professionals wearing caps of Business Analyst, BI developer, Solution Architect could gain mileage out of this course in their respective fields as Tableau can make them aware of its potential in building indigenous as well as integrated solution.

What you’ll learn:

The course is divided into two modules: Basic & Advanced
This course is designed to quickly improve your Tableau performance and skills through classroom learning & live-online training. It covers about how to visually analyze data by creating graphical presentations of your business facts from a given data set. You will learn right from the basics i..e connecting data to advanced tableau features like configuring and deploying Tableau server.


There are no technical prerequisites.

Module I

Tableau Basic


 Basics of Decision Support System
 Various Data sources in Tableau and when to use them
 Creating Dashboards
 Formatting and Sorting
 Grouping and Filters
 Reference lines using single and multiple axis
 Parameters and Sorting
 Maps with custom-geocoding
 Calculations in tableau
 Sets, Bin
 Data Blending

Getting Started

 Connecting to Data
 Basics of connecting to a data
 Advanced features in connecting to a database
 Managing metadata and data sources
 Different join types in a relational data
Notes on Basic Fundamentals
1) Fundamentals of database and data warehouse
2) Data Retrieval process in ETL
3) Basic Notes on DBMS
4) Normalization
Activity Set 1 using Tableau
1) Activity on custom SQL query using an RDBMS
2) Activity on Data Source, Data Extract and Workbooks
3) Activity on TDE (Tableau Data Extraction), TDS (Tableau Data Source)

Visual Analysis-Data Interpretation

 Analyzing
 Example on Sales Dashboard by Country/Region
 Understands the data set involved in analysis
 Dashboard data flow
 Drill-down
Notes on Tableau Dashboard
1) Creating a basic dashboard in tableau
2) Filter action
3) Table calculation
Activity Set 2 using Tableau
1) Activity on Sales Dashboard
A senior executive for company X want to analyze Sales for each country and its respective states across time period using a built map in tableau. The measure is on Profit, Sales and YoY % Growth across dimensions. A drill-down action should be applied for each country/state to get Sales for each Category and Sub-Category. Observe the analysis

Formatting Worksheets in Tableau

 Formatting, Sorting, Grouping
 Cross-tab formatting
 Labels and Annotations
 Multiple labels
 Sorting, TOP N
 Grouping
 Filters, Reference lines & Parameters
Notes on Tableau Worksheet Formatting
1) Data Analysis using Cross-Tabs
2) Time Series Charts, Area Charts, Tree-Maps
Activity Set 3 using Tableau
1) Activity on Cross-tab formatting
Developer/user need to design a pivot view of their Region, Product Category across time dimensions. Time dimension is a year. Analyst would like to see the Row and Column grand total to find the SUM (Profit) or SUM (Sales) across all four Years of their Profit and Sales.
2) Label’s and Annotations
Using Area Chart, draw an inference of Product Category Sales across time series.
3) Multiple labels
Using Tree-Maps, draw an inference of Regional Sales by Province.
4) Activity on Nested Sorts
Using a tabular view, consider customer sales by region. Need to sort sales per region, sorted in a descending manner by customer.
5) TOP N by dimension
Using a tabular view, sort TOP N customer by each Product Category or by Region
6) Grouping
Grouping using all or Specific dimension
7) Filters
Filtering using aggregated measure and disaggregated measure
8) Reference lines
Single Axis reference line with a single measure
Single Axis with multiple measure
Dual Axis with dual measure
9) Activity on Parameters


 Basic Maps & Custom Geocoding
 In-built Maps for data representation
 Use custom geo-codes to extend tableau maps
Notes on Tableau Maps
1) Built in features in tableau maps
2) Extend tableau maps using custom geo-codes
3) Representing map styles
Activity Set 4 using Tableau
1) Activity on tableau maps
Import a custom geo-code into tableau. Assign a geo dimension to the data source. Plot the latitude and longitude using built-in map to analyze sales for country India


 Intro to calculations
 Calculated fields
 AGG calculations
 Table record spotlighting
Notes on Tableau Calculations
1) Difference in Calculated fields and aggregated calculations
2) Highlight a table record when a specific condition in a business rule is met
Activity Set 5 using Tableau
1) Activity on tableau calculation

SETS, BIN, Advanced table calculations

 Intro to advanced table calculations
 Quick table calculation
 New table calculation
 Using table calculation functions like Running Total, % Growth
Notes on Advanced table calculation
Activity Set 6 using Tableau
1) Activity on SET, Bin, Advanced table calculation
2) Activity on TOP N and Nested Sorts

Data Blending

 Intro to data blending in tableau
 Using multi-source data in VizQL
 Merge data source
Notes on data blending
Activity Set 7 using Tableau

Other Hand-outs, Notes, Diagnostic Test

 Data Interpretation
 Tables
 Bar-Graph
 Line-Graph
 Pie-Charts

Assessment Test end of Module


Module II

Tableau Advance


 Tableau Advanced Charts
 Tableau Advanced Mapping
 Forecast, Trend lines & Statistics
 Tableau Server

Getting Started – Advanced Charts

 Tableau Advanced Charts
 Box Plot Chart
 Funnel Chart
 Bubble Chart
 Weighted Average
 Running Total
Notes on Advanced Charts
1) Detailed description on the different chart types and when to use them

Activity Set 1 using Tableau
1) To make a box plot from a set of data, start by ordering the data. Move the remaining tiles to arrange the values from least to greatest.
2) Funnel charts are a type of chart, often used to represent stages in a sales process and show the amount of potential revenue for each stage.
3) Data such as test scores or order priority lends itself to analysis by weighted average.
4) You need to monitor the number of active support cases at your call center, or stock on shelves. But the system doesn’t record the rolling total of active cases and you need to derive it.

Advanced Mapping

 Tableau Advanced Mapping
 Fundamentals Review: Building basic maps
 Geographic Fields
 Map Options
 Built-in Demographics / Layering
 WMS – working with a Web Map Service
 Importing Custom Geographies
 Assigning Geographies to Non-Geographic fields
Notes on Advanced Tableau Maps
1) Detailed description on the different Map types and when to use them
Activity Set 2 using Tableau
1) How to plot different map types with options
2) Working with WMS
3) Importing custom geo-codes

Forecast, Trend lines & Statistics

 Statistics in Tableau charts
 Creating a forecast in tableau
 Creating and interpreting trend lines
 Using statistical functions

Tableau Server

 Tableau Server: Installation, Configuration, Deployment
 Exporting tableau data sources to server
 Tableau server database logins
 Managing data-source, data-extract, workbook ownership
 User Management using built-in user management

Assessment Test end of Module

Tableau Training in Pune

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