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MEAN Stack Developer

MEAN Stack Developer Training in Pune-Mumbai-Thane-online-classroom-classes. MEAN stack stands for : M- MongoDB :- An object oriented schema less database, largely different from a typical a relational database system like Oracle, mySQL etc.. It is a object oriented database system a OODBMS if you will, meant for object oriented languages like Java or .NET or JavaScript. E- ExpressJS :- ExpressJS - A de-facto Model-View- Controller framework and a web-server provider for Node.JS applications. A- Angular :- Now a very much preferred User Interface framework. N- Node.JS :- - A server side runtime running on V8 engine - An engine used in the Google Chrome browser, capable of understanding JavaScript. When these technologies come together, they form what is a called MEAN stack, a total knowledge of this stack allows you to create full fledge user-interactive applications, like in any other language e.g.: Java,.NET, PHP , etc. except for some subtle differences in thought and technology employed. The entire stack is open-source and free AND they can be mixed with any other technology. .

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MEAN Stack Developer

  • HTML
  • Explaining ​​HTML5
  • Explaining​​ Bootstrap​​ latest ​​version​​4
  • Using​​ various​ ​components​​ to ​​make ​​UI
  • Making​​ complete​ ​pages
  • Understanding ​​the ​​static​​ nature
  • Javascript
  • What ​​is ​​Javascript​​ and bit ​​on ​​history ​​, ​​current ​​version ​​of​​ Javascript
  • Design​​ flaw ​​in ​​javascript
  • Async pattern ​​in​​ Javascript,​​ why ​​is ​​it ​​async ​​in​ ​the ​​first ​​place.
  • Type ​​less(no​​ data ​​type) ​​javascript, var,
  • Declaring ​​functions ​​anywhere
  • Passing​​ functions​ ​in ​​functions
  • Declaring ​​functions ​​in ​​functions
  • What​​ is ​​JSON — Very ​​important ​​to ​​understand, ​​as​​ it ​​is ​​one ​​of​ ​the ​​pillars ​​in ​​the ​​foundation for​​ understanding ​​Javascript
  • Understanding​​ functional​​ Scope
  • Knockout.js, ​​data-binding​​ and​​ earlier​ ​angularjs, ​​a ​​bit ​​history ​​on ​​jQuery
  • Typescript, what​ ​is it​​ and​ ​why ​​does ​​it ​​exist ​​and ​​its ​​predecessors
  • Angular JS
  • Why​​ did ​​Angular ​​happen ​​in ​​the ​​first ​​place, ​​the ​​problem ​​statement ​​solved ​​by ​​it
  • Approach​​ in ​​Angular​​1
  • A ​​rewrite ​​of ​​angular ​​1 ​​to ​​2​​, ​​again ​​react.js​ ​thought ​​process ​​being ​​the ​​predecessor​ ​here
  • Introduction​​ to ​​component​ ​based​​ thinking ​​and ​​srp
  • Understanding ​​features ​​of​​ Typescript,​​ more ​​on​ ​each ​​feature​​ as ​​and ​​when​​ encountered in​ ​the ​​project
  • Setting​​ up ​​the ​​Angular ​​Application
  • Understanding ​​that ​​Tooling ​​comes ​​with ​​it ​​to ​​make ​​our ​​life ​​easy ​​to ​​focus​ ​on ​​bigger problems
  • Using​​ browser​ ​console
  • Creating​​ a ​​project ​​using ​​the ​​cli
  • Creating​ ​other ​​entities​ ​using​​ the​ ​cli
  • If​​ created​ ​with out ​​the ​​cli​​, ​​where​​ all ​​the ​​changes ​​would ​​have ​​to ​​be ​​made ​​and ​​why
  • Understanding​​ components ​​and ​​creating ​​them
  • Creating​​ custom​​ components​​ and​​ how​​ to ​​use ​​them
  • Composing​​ one ​​custom ​​component​ ​of ​​other ​​child ​​components
  • Making ​​custom​ ​events​ ​and ​​properties ​​in ​​custom ​​components
  • Data-binding ​​in ​​custom ​​components
  • Understanding​​ View​​ encapsulation
  • Using​​ local​​ references ​​in ​​templates
  • What​​ are ​​lifecycle ​​hooks​​ in​​ Angular
  • Seeing ​​lifecycle​​ hooks​​ in ​​action
  • What​​ is​ ​ngcontent​​ and​​ @Contentchild
  • Understanding​​ directives
  • Creating​​ a​​ basic ​​directive​​ attribute
  • ngClass​​ and​ ​ngStyle
  • Using​​ Services ​​and ​​Dependency ​​injection(recap)
  • Reusability​​ with​ ​services​​ and​ ​SoCs ​​and ​​DI
  • Building​ ​a ​​custom ​​data ​​service
  • Understanding ​​page ​​routing
  • Why​​ do ​​we ​​need​​ a​ ​router
  • Routing​​ with ​​Parameters
  • Retrieving ​​query ​​parameters
  • Setting​​ up ​​nested​ ​child​​routes
  • Introduction​​ to ​​Guards
  • Protecting​ ​routes ​​with ​​can Activate
  • Understanding ​​observables​ ​and ​​why ​​we ​​need ​​them
  • How ​​observables​​ can​​ create ​​a ​​memory ​​leak ​​if ​​not ​​handled ​​correctly
  • Understanding ​​observable​ ​operators
  • Handling​​ Forms ​​in ​​Angular ​​Apps
  • Using​​ Pipes ​​in ​​Angular​​4
  • Making​ ​object ​​attribute ​​based​ ​filters
  • Making​​ HTTP ​​requests
  • Deploying​​ Angular ​​Application
  • Unit ​​Tests ​​in ​​angular
  • Analyzing ​​Testing ​​Setup
  • Running​​ Tests
  • Using​​ developer​ ​console​ ​to​​de bug​​ and ​​other​ ​tools
  • Using​​ session Storage​ ​in ​​browser


  • NodeJS
  • What​​ is ​​a ​​server ​​side ​​runtime
  • What​​ is ​​Node.js,​ ​and​​ why ​​node.js ​​who​ ​made ​​Node.js​ ​and​​ when ​​and ​​who​ ​owns​​ the​ ​code now,​​ what ​​is ​​the ​​current​​ version ​​of ​​node.js
  • What​​ is ​​the ​​LTS ​​schedule ​​of ​​Node.js
  • Using​​ the ​​node.js ​​console
  • What​​ is ​​npm
  • Introducing ​​package.json ​​file
  • Meaning​​ of ​​attribs ​​in ​​package.json
  • Initiating​​ a​​ simple​ ​project​​ in ​​node.js
  • Every ​​node.js​​ project ​​has ​​an ​​entry ​​point
  • Explaining​​ how ​​Node.js ​​starts​​ from​​ with in ​​the ​​application, ​​rather ​​than ​​behave​ ​like ​​a traditional ​​server
  • Starting​ ​a ​​server​ ​using​ ​only ​​node.js​​ runtime
  • Introducing​ ​express,​ ​a​​de-facto​​node.js​​ web-container-for ​​web​​ based​​ projects
  • How​​ to ​​configure ​​express ​​in ​​Node.js
  • Using ​​express.static ​​for ​​static ​​assets
  • Configuring​​ routes ​​and ​​action ​​handlers
  • Explaining​​ concept​ ​of ​​request, response​ ​and ​​session
  • Making​​ business ​​logic ​​classes
  • Configuring​​ database ​​in ​​node.js
  • Making​​ calls ​​to ​​dbfunctions
  • Explaining ​​concept ​​of ​​drivers ​​and(Reading​ ​documentation​ ​and ​​writing​​ code)
  • Getting ​​connection ​​to ​​database(using​​ blank​ ​functions​​not​​write​​queries)
  • Sending ​​response ​​to ​​browser
  • Using​​ Async ​​and ​​Underscore ​​and ​​Later.js
  • Using​​ Async ​​and ​​Underscore ​​in ​​code
  • Coding​ ​style, patterns ​​and ​​best ​​practices
  • Debugging​​ in ​​nodeJS ​​using​ ​node-inspector, ​​remote ​​and ​​local
  • Error​​ handling ​​using ​​bunyan-error ​​logging
  • What​ ​are ​​REST ​​APIs ​​v/s ​​SOAP ​​API​​, ​​which​ ​is​ ​in​ ​trend ​​now
  • What​​ are ​​request ​​methods ​​and ​​when​ ​to ​​use​​what
  • What​​ is ​​JWT ​​and ​​how ​​to ​​authenticate ​​requests
  • Using​​ local​ ​storage ​​on ​​browsers
  • What​​ is ​​TDD
  • TDD​​ in ​​node.js
  • Building​​ a​ ​project ​​using ​​grunt/gulp
  • One​ ​step ​​build, ​​fail ​​on unit ​​test ​​fail
  • Using​​ a ​​CI ​​node.js
  • Integrating​ ​everything ​​into ​​a ​​CI
  • Stack Overflow ​​Joel ​​Spolsky ​​12 ​​steps
  • Database / MongoDB
  • What​​ is​ ​database​ ​and ​​why ​​do​ ​we ​​need ​​it
  • What​​ is ​​RDBMS ​​strategy​ ​and ​​what ​​is ​​OODBMS ​​strategy
  • What​ ​is ​​MongoDB ​​or ​​noSQL,​​ install​​ and ​​pre-req
  • Getting ​​connection
  • Making​​ Create ​​query
  • Making​​ Read​​ query
  • Making​​ Update ​​query
  • Making​​ Delete​ ​query
  • Making​​ aggregate, count, distinct, map-reduce​​queries
  • Doing​​ it ​​via ​​node.js ​​application
  • Project Development

Making​​ an​​ entire​​ framework​​ – complete ​​with ​​front end, backend​​ and ​​error ​​logging.

MEAN Stack Developer Training in Pune

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