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Blockchain Training

Blockchain Training in Pune-Mumbai-Thane-online-classroom-classes. The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. In the language of cryptocurrency, a block is a record of new transactions (that could mean the location of cryptocurrency, or medical data, or even voting records). Once each block is completed it’s added to the chain, creating a chain of blocks: a blockchain. Blockchain technology is finding application in wide range of areas: Banks are using blockchain to make secure, low-cost and faster transactions. Beyond financial transactions, blockchain technology is being used to put proof of existence of all legal documents, health records, and loyalty payments in the music industry, notary, and private securities.The median income for blockchain developers in the U.S. is $130,000 a year, compared to general software developers, whose annual median pay is $105,000..

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Course outline for Blockchain

After completing this Training, you should be able to:

  • Comprehend the cryptography and cryptocurrency concepts
  • Encompass the concept of blockchain
  • Understand the importance of blockchain technology
  • Have a deep insight into bitcoin and its network
  • Perceive, how bitcoin transactions are validated by miners
  • Create and use bitcoin account effectively
  • Understand Ethereum blockchain
  • Learn Solidity: Prominent language to develop smart contracts
  • Deploy your private blockchain on web where you can visually see your chains
  • Send transactions between nodes
  • Infer Hyperledger project
  • Install and run Hyperledger Composer Playground locally
  • Deploy and test business network using Composer
  • Develop private Blockchain in MultiChain
  • Discuss the compelling use-cases of the blockchain
  • Interpret the prospects of blockchain
  • Assess, how blockchain can improve your business standards

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

Development experience with an object-oriented language is required. Also, fundamentals of networking and basic knowledge of command line & Linux would be advantageous. Experience with JavaScript, git will be beneficial. However, You will be provided with fundamentals of the following self-paced courses in your L.M.S.

Linux Fundamentals

NodeJs Fundamentals

1. Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Goal:  In this module, you will learn the concept of cryptocurrencies and networking structure.

Objective: At the end of this module, you should be able to:

• Understand the drawbacks in current financial system

• Infer how spectrum of finance can be secured using distributed system

• Induce the key concepts which constitutes the Distributed System

• Infer various types of cryptocurrencies

• Deduce various uses of cryptocurrencies


• Transformation in trading units

• Cryptography and Crypto-currency

• Anonymity and Pseudonymity in cryptocurrencies

• Digital Signatures

• Cryptocurrency Hash codes

• Distributed networks


2. Delving into Blockchain

Goal: In this module, you will learn blockchain technology and its architecture

Objective: At the end of this module, you should be able to:

• Explain blockchain and its uses

• Grasp the components of a blockchain ecosystem

• Induce the structure and mechanisms of a blockchain

• Deduce various cryptography and consensus algorithm

• Fathom different types of blockchain

• Infer various types of blockchain platforms


• Introduction to Blockchain

• Why Blockchain is crucial?

• Key vocabulary while discussing Blockchain

• Distinction between databases and blockchain

• Explaining Distributed Ledger

• Blockchain ecosystem

• Blockchain structure

• Working of blockchain technology

Hands On: 

• Show how a blockchain works


3. Bitcoin and Blockchain

Goal: In this module, you will learn about bitcoins. You will understand why transactions with bitcoins is secure and efficient. Also, you will learn how bitcoin network works.

Objective: At the end of this module, you should be able to:

• Infer bitcoin and its uses

• Deduce, how to store, buy and sell bitcoins

• Setup your own bitcoin wallet

• Explain the working of bitcoin transaction system.

• Perceive the scripting language of bitcoin

• Deduce nodes and network of bitcoin

• Comprehend various roles a person can play in Bitcoin ecosystem


• Bitcoin and its History

• Why use bitcoins?

• Where and how to buy bitcoins

• How to store bitcoins?

• How and where to spend bitcoins?

• Selling bitcoins

• Bitcoin transactions

• How bitcoin transactions work

• What happens in case of invalid transactions

• Parameters that invalidate the transactions

• Scripting language in bitcoin

• Applications of bitcoin script

• Nodes and network of bitcoin

• Various roles you can play in bitcoin ecosystem


4. Bitcoin Mining

Goal: In this module, you will learn more about bitcoins and its mechanisms. You will understand why transactions with bitcoins is secure and efficient. Also, you will learn how bitcoin mining works. You will also be taught, how to mine bitcoin from your own personal computer

Objective:  At the end of this module, you should be able to:

• Deduce the purpose of mining

• Comprehend bitcoin mining

• Perceive the importance of mining pools

• Infer bitcoin security


• Purpose of Mining

• Algorithm used in mining

• Mining hardware

• How bitcoin mining works?

• Bitcoin mining pools

• How cloud mining of bitcoin works?

• Mining Incentives

• Security and Centralizations

Hands On:

• Installing bitcoin mining software

• Mining bitcoin on your PC


5. Ethereum

Goal: In this module, you will learn Ethereum (Another Blockchain platform). You will also learn Solidity: An Ethereum programming language

Objective: At the end of this module, you should be able to:

• Apprehend another blockchain platform: Ethereum

• Perceive the Ethereum Ecosystem

• Understand how mining works in Ethereum

• Learn Solidity programming language


• What is Ethereum?

• What is Ether?

• How to use Ethereum?

• The Ethereum ecosystem, DApps and DAOs

• How Ethereum mining works

• Learning Solidity

   o Contract classes, Functions and conditionals

   o Inheritance & abstract contracts

   o Libraries

   o Types & Optimization

   o Global Variables

   o Debugging

• Future of Ethereum


Setting up Private Blockchain Environment using Ethereum Platform

Goal: In this module, you will learn about public and private blockchain. You will be able to setup your private blockchain environment. Also, you will be developing a smart contract on Ethereum and will be deploying it on web and console

Objective: At the end of this module, you should be able to

• Explain the steps required to build a blockchain solution

• Setup your private blockchain environment

• Analyse the blockchain environment.

• Develop smart contract on Ethereum

• Deploy the contract on Web and console


• Private and public blockchain

• Various blockchain setup platforms

• Using Ethereum to setup private blockchain

• Steps to build a blockchain solution

• Smart contract on Ethereum

• Compile, deploy and instantiate contracts

• Configuring, running and working with the go-Ethereum client

• Account management and mining

• Understand the different stages of a contract deployment

• How to interact with a contract once deployed?

Hands On:

• Installing Ethereum software

• Setting up servers

• Creating blockchain environment

• Mining of Ether

• Sending of Ether

• Tracking information using hash

• Viewing Information about blocks in blockchain

• Developing smart contract on private blockchain

• Deploying contract from web and console


6. Hyperledger

Goal: In this module, you will learn about Hyperledger project to develop an enterprise-grade and open-source distributed ledger framework. You will be taught the Hyperledger architecture and the consensus mechanism applied in the Hyperledger. Also, you will learn four major Hyperledger frameworks.

Objective: At the end of this module, you should be able to:

• Apprehend Hyperledger project

• Infer the Hyperledger architecture

• Explore the consensus mechanism in Hyperledger

• Landscape- Four major Hyperledger frameworks


• Introduction to Hyperledger

• Hyperledger architecture

• Membership

• Blockchain

• Chaincode

• Consensus

• Consensus & its interaction with architectural layers

• Application programming interface

• Application model

• Network topology

• Exploring Hyperledger frameworks

• Hyperledger Fabric

• Hyperledger Indy

• Hyperledger Iroha

• Hyperledger


Setting up development environment using Hyperledger Composer

Goal: In this module you will learn about Hyperledger Fabric. You will be taught to develop business networks using Hyperledger Composer. Also, you will be deploying & testing your business network.

Objective: At the end of this module, you should be able to:

• Develop & deploy business networks

• Interact with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain using Hyperledger Composer

• Infer Hyperledger Fabric


• Setting up development environment using Composer

• Developing business networks

• Testing business networks

• Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric

• Hyperledger Fabric Model

• Various ways to create Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain network

Hands On:

• Setting up Hyperledger Fabric blockchain using Hyperledger Composer locally

• Developing business network

• Deploying & testing business networks

7) Create & deploy your private Blockchain on MultiChain

Goal: In this module, you will learn about MultiChain platform. You will be able to setup your private blockchain environment. Also, you will be able to customize your blockchain parameters as per your requirements.

Objective: At the end of this module, you should be able to:

• Infer Multichain platform for blockchain applications

• Comprehend mining in MultiChain

• Setup your own private blockchain using MultiChain


• Introducing MultiChain

• Privacy & Permissions in MultiChain

• Mining in MultiChain

• Multiple configurable blockchains using MultiChain

• Setting up a private blockchain

• Creating a blockchain

• Connecting to a blockchain

• Some commands in interactive mode

• Using native assets

• Transaction metadata

• Streams

• Round robin mining

Hands on:

• Creating private blockchain

• Connecting to your blockchain

• Create a new asset and sending it between nodes

• Mining between nodes


8. Prospects of Blockchain

Goal: In this module, you will understand how blockchain is essentially shaping the future economics. Discussions on various use-cases of blockchain will clear the missing segment of the picture.


At the end of this module, you should be able to

• Understand various practical uses of blockchain

• Infer the Impact of blockchain on our world

• Explain blockchain using real case scenarios

• Infer a blockchain application platform


• Blockchain prospering our world

• Blockchain transforming business and professionalism

• Discussing practical use-cases of blockchain

• How can we take Aadhaar Card on blockchain?

• How blockchain can be used to remove corruption

• Real case scenarios of Blockchain

• Blockchain in Banking System

• Blockchain in Land Registry

• Blockchain in Capital Market

• Use cases for government

• Summary of the course

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