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AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Training in Pune-Mumbai-Thane-online-classroom-classes. Why this course ? Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of compute power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud services platform via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. Hundreds of thousands of customers have joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) community and use AWS solutions to build their businesses. AWS is the leader in cloud computing in terms and market share. AWS is leading the pack in almost every aspect. According to Gartner, Amazon’s cloud is 10 times bigger than its next 14 competitors, combined!.

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AWS ( Amazon Web Services ) Certified Solutions Architect

Duration : 40-50 Hrs

●      Introduction to the Course

  1. Introduction & Overview
  2. What You'll Need Getting Started
  3. Exam Blueprint

●      AWS – An Overview

  1. The History
  2. Overview – Part 1
  3. Overview – Part 2

●      Identity Access Management (IAM)

  1. IAM Basic
  2. IAM Lab
  3. Create A Billing Alarm – Lab
  4. IAM Summary
  5. IAM Quiz

●      AWS Object Storage and CDN – S3, Glacier and CloudFront

  1. S3 Basics
  2. Lab: Create an S3 Bucket
  3. Lab: S3 Version Control
  4. Cross Region Replication
  5. Lab: S3 Life Cycle Management & Glacier
  6. CloudFront CDN Overview
  7. Create a CloudFront CDN
  8. S3 Security and Encryption
  9. Storage Gateway
  10. Snowball
  11. S3 Transfer Acceleration
  12. Create A Static Website Using S3
  13. Summary and S3 Quiz

●      EC2 – The Backbone of AWS

  1. EC2 101 – Part 1
  2. EC2 101 – Part 2
  3. EC2 Lab : Launch an EC2 instance
  4. Security Groups Basics
  5. Volumes and Snapshots
  6. Creating a Windows EC2 Instance and RAID Group
  7. Create an AMI
  8. AMI's – EBS Root Device Volumes vs Instance Store
  9. Load Balancers and Health Checks
  10. Cloud Watch EC2
  11. The AWS Command Line and EC2
  12. Using IAM Roles with EC2
  13. Using Bootstrap Scripts
  14. EC2 Instance Metadata
  15. Autoscaling Groups Lab
  16. EC2 Placement Groups
  17. Elastic File System Lab
  18. Lambda – Concepts
  19. EC2 Summary
  20. EC2 Quiz

●      Route53

  1. DNS Basics
  2. Route 53 Lab: Register A Domain Name
  3. Setup Our EC2 Instances Lab
  4. Simple Routing Policy Lab
  5. Weighted Routing Policy Lab
  6. Latency Routing Policy Lab
  7. Failover Routing Policy Lab
  8. Geolocation Routing Policy Lab
  9. DNS Exam Tips
  10. Route53 Quiz

●      Databases on AWS

  1. Databases 101
  2. Lab: Create our first RDS Instance
  3. RDS – Back Ups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas
  4. DynamoDB
  5. Redshift
  6. Elasticache
  7. Aauroraa
  8. Databases Summary
  9. Databases Quiz

●      VPC: Virtual Private Cloud

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Build Your Own Custom VPC
  3. Build A Custom VPC – Part 2
  4. Network Address Translation (NAT)
  5. Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  6. Custom VPC's and ELBs
  7. NAT's vs Bastions
  8. VPC Flow Logs
  9. VPC Clean Up
  10. Summary and VPC Quiz

●      Application Services

  1. SQS
  2. AWS SQS documentation
  3. SWF
  4. SNS
  5. Elastic Transcoder
  6. API Gateway
  7. Application Services Summary and Quiz
  8. Kinesis Basics
  9. Kinesis Lab

●      The Real World scenario – Creating a fault tolerant WordPress Site

  1. Getting Setup
  2. Setting Up EC2
  3. Automation & Setting Up Our AMI
  4. AutoScaling & Load Testing
  5. CloudFormation!


  • Project for the interview.

●      Preparing for the Exam – White Paper Reviews

  1. Overview of Amazon Web Services
  2. Overview of Security Processes
  3. AWS Risk and Compliance
  4. Storage Options in the Cloud
  5. Architecting for the AWS Cloud: Best Practices
  6. Exam Practicalities
  7. First Mega Quiz

●      Well Architected Framework


  1. Intro to Well Architected Framework
  2. Security
  3. Reliability
  4. Performance Efficiency
  5. Cost Optimization
  6. Summary

●      Additional Exam Tips

  1. Exam Tips Based On Student Feedback
  2. Consolidated Billing
  3. Cross Account Access
  4. Resource Groups & Tagging
  5. VPC Peering
  6. Direct Connect
  7. Active Directory Integration
  8. Workspaces
  9. Second Mega Quiz
  10. Scenario Quiz
  11. Mini Exam

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