Best Amazon AWS training institute in Pune

If You are looking for Best Amazon AWS training institute in Pune,  Goals InfoCloud Technologies is one of the best institute. With 9+ years experience in training industry Goals InfoCloud technologies has trained 4000+ professionals who enrolled for best AWS classes in Pune. Every Goals Academy Student, gets hands on experience on Amazon Web Services with live project under guidance of cloud expert. We have a pool of 25+ real time working professional trainers who provide online, classroom, corporate, weekend, weekdays and fasttrack training which makes us Best Amazon AWS training in Pune.

At Goals Academy, Flexible batches are available. Best Amazon AWS training institute in Pune syllabus is designed in such a way that it makes our students to understand technology very quickly. In this training students gets his own Amazon AWS cloud account with a complete Lab guide. These Labs are specially designed by group of consultants to give in depth knowledge of the technology. Students who learnt from Goals academy have given us good reviews and rating stating that its best Amazon AWS institute in Pune and we are happy that we took this decision to join here.

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Amazon AWS is leading cloud service provider currently in the world. Most of the MNC’s prefer Amazon cloud services over other players.It has helped customers to save their upfront cost of new building of Data center. Pay as you go method provides flexibility to customer to use any service any time anywhere virtually from any country. Even Setting DC DR site has become a 10 Minute work now. AWS is growing very fast, according last report in last year they have made $7.2 billion (2018) billion business.

Goals InfoCloud technologies has several customers to whom 24*7*365 days support is given. AWS certified staff has helped our customers to migrate their on premise data center to cloud.  Qualified Students who joins at Goals academy which is know as Best Amazon AWS classes in Pune gets opportunity to work on real time projects also. In 2019, we have trained 500+ AWS professionals till date and expected to train 2000+ professionals this year.

 Below Amazon AWS certification is available with Goals Academy.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional.
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate.
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate.
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

These certifications help candidate to get more hike and good jobs in Company.

Career Options With Amazon AWS Cloud computing Training

There are organizations who needs particular skills in cloud computing such as AWS admin, AWS developer or AWS DevOps Engineer. On the other hand, some organizations needs cloud infrastructure specialists, Cloud consultants. Overall, the organizations are always looking for the individuals with good understanding of cloud architecture. Those who are interested in shaping a great career in IT sector, must undergo with Amazon AWS Classes in Pune. The theory of Cloud computing can be understood easily by pursuing cloud computing classes.

Amazon AWS Cloud Computing Training Course Content Includes:

  • AWS ( Amazon Web Services ) Certified Solutions Architect

    Duration : 40-50 Hrs

    ●      Introduction to the Course

    1. Introduction & Overview
    2. What You’ll Need Getting Started
    3. Exam Blueprint

    ●      AWS – An Overview

    1. The History
    2. Overview – Part 1
    3. Overview – Part 2

    ●      Identity Access Management (IAM)

    1. IAM Basic
    2. IAM Lab
    3. Create A Billing Alarm – Lab
    4. IAM Summary
    5. IAM Quiz

    ●      AWS Object Storage and CDN – S3, Glacier and CloudFront

    1. S3 Basics
    2. Lab: Create an S3 Bucket
    3. Lab: S3 Version Control
    4. Cross Region Replication
    5. Lab: S3 Life Cycle Management & Glacier
    6. CloudFront CDN Overview
    7. Create a CloudFront CDN
    8. S3 Security and Encryption
    9. Storage Gateway
    10. Snowball
    11. S3 Transfer Acceleration
    12. Create A Static Website Using S3
    13. Summary and S3 Quiz

    ●      EC2 – The Backbone of AWS

    1. EC2 101 – Part 1
    2. EC2 101 – Part 2
    3. EC2 Lab : Launch an EC2 instance
    4. Security Groups Basics
    5. Volumes and Snapshots
    6. Creating a Windows EC2 Instance and RAID Group
    7. Create an AMI
    8. AMI’s – EBS Root Device Volumes vs Instance Store
    9. Load Balancers and Health Checks
    10. Cloud Watch EC2
    11. The AWS Command Line and EC2
    12. Using IAM Roles with EC2
    13. Using Bootstrap Scripts
    14. EC2 Instance Metadata
    15. Autoscaling Groups Lab
    16. EC2 Placement Groups
    17. Elastic File System Lab
    18. Lambda – Concepts
    19. EC2 Summary
    20. EC2 Quiz

    ●      Route53

    1. DNS Basics
    2. Route 53 Lab: Register A Domain Name
    3. Setup Our EC2 Instances Lab
    4. Simple Routing Policy Lab
    5. Weighted Routing Policy Lab
    6. Latency Routing Policy Lab
    7. Failover Routing Policy Lab
    8. Geolocation Routing Policy Lab
    9. DNS Exam Tips
    10. Route53 Quiz

    ●      Databases on AWS

    1. Databases 101
    2. Lab: Create our first RDS Instance
    3. RDS – Back Ups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas
    4. DynamoDB
    5. Redshift
    6. Elasticache
    7. Aauroraa
    8. Databases Summary
    9. Databases Quiz

    ●      VPC: Virtual Private Cloud

    1. Introduction and Overview
    2. Build Your Own Custom VPC
    3. Build A Custom VPC – Part 2
    4. Network Address Translation (NAT)
    5. Access Control Lists (ACLs)
    6. Custom VPC’s and ELBs
    7. NAT’s vs Bastions
    8. VPC Flow Logs
    9. VPC Clean Up
    10. Summary and VPC Quiz

    ●      Application Services

    1. SQS
    2. AWS SQS documentation
    3. SWF
    4. SNS
    5. Elastic Transcoder
    6. API Gateway
    7. Application Services Summary and Quiz
    8. Kinesis Basics
    9. Kinesis Lab

    ●      The Real World scenario – Creating a fault tolerant WordPress Site

    1. Getting Setup
    2. Setting Up EC2
    3. Automation & Setting Up Our AMI
    4. AutoScaling & Load Testing
    5. CloudFormation!


    • Project for the interview.

    ●      Preparing for the Exam – White Paper Reviews

    1. Overview of Amazon Web Services
    2. Overview of Security Processes
    3. AWS Risk and Compliance
    4. Storage Options in the Cloud
    5. Architecting for the AWS Cloud: Best Practices
    6. Exam Practicalities
    7. First Mega Quiz

    ●      Well Architected Framework


    1. Intro to Well Architected Framework
    2. Security
    3. Reliability
    4. Performance Efficiency
    5. Cost Optimization
    6. Summary

    ●      Additional Exam Tips

    1. Exam Tips Based On Student Feedback
    2. Consolidated Billing
    3. Cross Account Access
    4. Resource Groups & Tagging
    5. VPC Peering
    6. Direct Connect
    7. Active Directory Integration
    8. Workspaces
    9. Second Mega Quiz
    10. Scenario Quiz
    11. Mini Exam

After joining Goals Academy for any course, life time support will be given to our students. To become Best Amazon AWS training institute in Pune, We have done so many things at the backend like we have Best infrastructure, Best Instructors, Best Cloud Consultant team, Multiple branches across Pune, Regular post updates on our blog and also placement tieup with IT Companies.

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